West Coast Port Update – March 31, 2015

As information, the following is  a brief update on the west coast ports: 

Port Conditions:

1)  Terminals operations continue to be impacted by the shortage of trucks and chassis.  

2)  There is still an imbalance of ILWU labor but increasing.

3)  Appointments for pick ups are implemented again by several terminal operators.

4)  Dual transactions for picking up loads and returning of empties remain in affect.

5)  The use of “grey chassis” was implemented to improve the velocity of chassis avoiding split pick ups and additional expense

6)  As of today, March 31, the number of container ships at anchor for LA/LB has dropped to 9, showing that the ports are catching up on the back log of cargo. See attached

Vessels at a Glance and Port Update.

ILWU Contract 

1) No updates regarding the ratification of the contract.  Union members are meeting this week to discuss the contract.

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