Reduce Variability in Your Supply Chain

Lead Time length, Visibility and Variability issues are primary root causes of The Bullwhip Effect. These swings from excess inventories to stock outs damage ROI and Customer Service performance.

Those companies using SIOP tools are reducing The Bullwhip Effect. Combining my logistics processes and tools with the SIOP tools reduces variabilities on the supply side and the demand side.

These tools bring your foreign suppliers into a tighter compliance with planned shipping dates, the tools alert you when the orders are not proceeding through the shipping process as planned, they also allow you to directly reduce your shipping costs.  Adding this tool to an SIOP environment supercharges your global supply chain performance.

If you would like more information on how my global logistics model can reduce the excess inventory, stock outs, lead times and variances , please contact me by email or phone.

Hugh Finerty: or 402-871-6234

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