More Trouble Brewing on the West Coast. Permanent Shifts to EC Ports?

The West Coast labor standoff is reaching a boiling point upon the nine-month anniversary of negotiations between longshoremen and employers. The Pacific Maritime Association said on Wednesday that its members will suspend U.S. West Coast vessel operations on four of the next five days rather than provide longshoremen with holiday or weekend pay for “severely diminished productivity.” In doing so employers took a step towards a lockout of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which so far hasn’t backed down from an 11th hour highly controversial demand regarding arbitration procedures. – Chief Content Officer Peter Tirschwell.

When U.S. West Coast port congestion clears, there are increasing signs that shippers’ frustrations with shipment delays of weeks will spur them to permanently re-route freight through the East Coast, much like they did in 2002 following a 10-day marine terminal lockout.

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