ISF Enforcement Update

To: LACBFFA Members,

U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has told us that on January 20 they are increasing their enforcement posture.  CBP will increase the number of manifest holds for ISF non-compliant consolidated shipments.   Additionally, CBP will continue to place manifest holds on all cargo shipments, both regular and consolidated containers that do not have an ISF on file 48 hours before the arrival of the vessel.  After the holds are placed, CBP will manually review those existing holds no sooner than 72 hours after vessel arrival to look to verify if the ISF information has been filed and matched to the manifest

After the ISF is posted as filed, CBP will do its review for possible exam.  Based on the ISF information filed, CBP will determine if the ISF information submitted warrants additional enforcements actions, including Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) and/or a warehouse examination.

CBP will continue to follow it procedures to allow for the move of containers with consolidated cargo on ISF hold on any particular house bill of lading to its designated Container Freight Station (CFS) once a hold on the offending house bill(s) of lading has been coordinated with the CFS.

The trade community may contact CBP, via email at 72 hours after vessel arrival to request a status of a shipment on ISF hold.

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