Create a Culture of Supply Chain and Leadership Excellence with the Tools and Training of Transformance Advisors

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If you want to spread the culture of Supply Chain and Leadership Excellence in your organization, consider these classes, workshops and online tools offered by Transformance Advisors.

The Lean workshop is a great source of inspiration. The format allows everyone to participant and gain insights into areas of opportunity for their lean transformation – whether just getting started or making course corrections to an established program.

The Alignment workshop provides a great opportunity to share and debate the challenges with getting everyone committed to the same objectives. It’s a chance for participants to share experiences when alignment was achieved and the challenges, and even disasters, that occur when people are not aligned on common goals.

 The Fresh Connection simulation is the best tool I have seen for gaining an understanding of how decisions by various functional areas are intertwined with other areas and have a direct impact on ROI.

The Hybrid Supply Chain teaches your staff the of components of supply chain, then allows them to practice their new skills with the simulation technology of The Fresh Connection. All of this is taught with convenience and flexibility in mind using the “flipped classroom” model.

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