Companies imported cargo from Asia into the U.S. in 16.4 million TEU’s of containers in 2017. My program provides the lowest fixed rates for import FCL cargo containers moving from Asia to the U.S. I’m proud to say that as of January 4, 2018, over 98% of containers dedicated to my fixed rate program moved at the fixed rate level.

The program objective is for the importer to achieve 1) their lowest potential annual import FCL freight spend, and 2) reliable factory-to-warehouse lead times. This is realized through a combination of fixed rate and variable rate contracts covering over 800,000 TEU’s of space on ships traveling from Asia to the U.S.

I hold a “Certified Supply Chain Professional” (CSCP) certificate from APICS; Supply Chain Coursework through MIT; A Degree in International Studies; and am a Certified Ski Instructor of the Professional Ski Association of America (PSIA).

I specialize in the strategic design of import supply chains. I started my career in the international supply chain space in 1987.


My clients did not suffer the severe spike in rates that permeated the US import market this year(2016-2017).

My clients also enjoyed the low spot rates available during the first half of 2016 and throughout 2015.

Importers who do not use both the fixed FCL market and the spot FCL market and are missing out on cost saving opportunities, as well as capacity opportunities.

Skill Sets: Strategic planning, analysis, governance, change management, solutions design, process engineering, organizational design, team building, collaboration, transformational leadership, leadership training and project management. (all strategy stuff…)

My global logistics solutions are configured to increase visibility and predictability, reduce excess inventory, stock outs, lead times and variances in the global supply chain:

  • On-Time delivery performance and customer satisfaction levels improve. Overall supply chain costs are reduced.
  • Applying this global logistics model within an S&OP environment supercharges your global supply chain performance.

Director with Alliance International, a Division of Alliance Shippers, Inc. a $900m global supply chain management company.

Past President and current member on local church board. Board President of Omaha based 501(c)(3), serving the mentally ill.

My personal passions include helping people, strategy (of course), and skiing. I am a certified part-time alpine ski instructor at Vail Resorts (as often as my wife allows).

B.A. in International Studies, concentration in International Finance and Economics. Coursework at Duke University.

Myers Briggs Temperament Index (MBTI) profile is “INTJ”.

Gallup Strengths top themes are “achiever”, “strategist”, “activator”, “analyst” and “learner”.

For more information on global supply chain services, please visit www.hughfinerty.com.


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